Optimum_LogoTITAN Metal Fabricators, in conjunction with affiliate company, Optimum Anode Technologies (OAT), provides Auxiliary Anodes assured to meet the most intricate of plating specifications. This affiliation brings together TITAN’s manufacturing quality with the substantial anode technology experience of OAT.

Optimum Anode Technologies’ management and technical staff market cost-effective, dimensionally stable auxiliary anode coatings that meet or exceed customer needs in a wide variety of industries.

  • Automotive Decorative (e.g., trim parts, chrome bumpers, and wheels),
  • Highly Critical Electronic Parts (e.g., printed circuit boards, connectors, and semiconductors),
  • Aerospace Hardware (e.g., pistons, cylinders, brake components and landing gear)

Optimum Anode Technologies is expert in those applications where thickness in recessed areas is critical to performance parameters, cosmetic and/or warranted life.

TITAN’s fabrication expertise in exotic metals combined with Optimum Anode Technologies’ knowledge of electrochemistry and precious metals coatings, means more than 50 years of combined expertise in auxiliary anodes, and provides a clear choice for your auxiliary and dimensionally-stable anode requirements.

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Platinum-Clad-Niobium & Platinum Plated Titanium Auxiliary Anodes

coated anodes for metal finishing equipmentThe use of Platinum-clad Niobium or plated-Titanium Auxiliary Anodes in hard chrome plating applications improve the Anode dimensional, chemical and electrochemical stability over various operating conditions, which improves the overall chrome deposit quality and consistency. These Anodes are cost effective and cause no bath acontamination by the Anodes.

Platinum Coated & Mixed Metal Oxide Coated Titanium Anodes For Cathodic Protection

The use of Platinum or mixed metal oxide coated Titanium Anodes in precious metal plating applications offer exceptional electrical field characteristics.   They eliminate plating bath contamination as a result of anode disintegration.  The increased plating speeds and homogeneous distribution of the electrodeposited layer makes these anodes very inexpensive when compared

These attributes make these anodes very inexpensive when compared with conventional type Anodes. The use of these Anodes is applicable to precious metal plating (gold, Rhodium, Platinum and Palladium) as well as base metal plating (copper, nickel, hard chrome and decorative chrome).

Mixed Metal Oxide Coated Titanium Anodes for Sodium Hypochlorite Generation Cells

TITAN manufactures a various array of mixed metal oxide coated Titanium Anodes for sodium hypochlorite generation cells.

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